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The estate covers about 70 hectares, located in the village Breaza. This village is located near Pietroasele which is famous for its Visigoths'treasure " The brooder with the chicks Gold" consisting of precious stones and objects of gold and buried in the Fourth century AD.
On the 44 hectares of the estate, that are planted with vines, we grow different grape varieties selected according to the soils and sub soils.
Today we have:

Photos de raisins blancs WHITES
-5 hectares of Chardonnay. The famous grape variety used to produce Burgundy whites such as Chablis, Pouilly-Fuissé, Meursault and Puligny-Montrachet. Chardonnay produces wines which are round and flattering with character.
-1.5 hectares of Italian Riesling. This grape variety produces wines with a nice fruit and easy to drink. (Attention: Our italian riesling is dry wine not a sweet wine)
-2.5 hectares of Feteasca Alba. This local grape variety is served in Romania on special occasions such as weddings.
-6 hectares of Sauvignon. This French grape variety native of the Loire Valley is the perfect companion for shellfish (raw or cooked) such as oysters.
-4 hectares of Tamaioasa Romaneasca. This grape variety (that is harvested with a high sugar level) produces the renown sweet romanian white, made with natural residual sugar only.

Pictures of red grapes

-16 hectares of Pinot Noir (situated on terraces). A grape variety that produces the best red Burgundy wines such as Nuits-Saint- Georges, Pommard, Chambertin ou Romanée. Pinot Noir produces elegant and distinguished wines.
-6 hectares of Feteasca Neagra. This Romanian great grape variety produces elegant and balanced wines with good ageing potential.
-2 hectares of Merlot. One of the grape varieties for the best Bordeaux reds, which produces powerful and silky wines. Perfectly adapted to the climate and terroir of the Dealu Mare, it produces very good wines.
-1 hectare of Burgund Mare. In Romanian "Great Burgundy", this grape variety is a pinot with big berries. It produces wines with a good fruit, easy and pleasant in other words rather feminin wines.

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