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The climate in DEALU MARE is continental, with high thermic amplitudes between day and night, between summer and winter and between one day and the next. Today we know that in order to obtain the real expression of each grape and to have a wine with ageing potential, one needs thermic amplitudes. The Dealu Mare also has long and sunny summers, which are particularly helpful when harvests are late. Finally the region is windy, keeping the soils and plants away from humidity.


In this region, the three most frequent types of soils are stony soils also called skeletal soil, brown and red argilo-calcareous soils and finally Chernozem (a very black soil, rich in humus). The under soil are made of limestone varying from hard limestone, called Crystaline, to chalky limestone. It is the type of under soil that makes us choose the grape variety and the rootstock, soils made of hard limestone being more adapted for reds and soils made of chalky limestone being more adapted for whites.

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