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In the Domeniile Viticole Franco Romane where the biodiversity is vegetal, animal and microbial is important, the biodiversity exists too with the staff. Thus the owners are French, Romanian and Belgian.
Today the staff that works together is very diverse:

photo de l'equipe 1 The Director: Cristina STAICU, Romanian Engineer
The Vine Director: Vasile MARICA, Romanian Agricultural Engineer
The Winemaker: Daniel DORNEANU, Romanian Winemaker,trained in France and South Africa
The Organic Consultant: Jacques MOREAU, French Engineer
The Project Managers: Denis THOMAS French Owner of Vineyards in Burgundy
And Pierre DEGROTTE, Belgian Vineyards Owner in the Languedoc.

On the picture from left to right: Denis Thomas, Cristina Staicu and Daniel Dorneanu.

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